Michael J. Coffino

Before becoming a full-time writer and editor, Michael Coffino had two parallel careers: one in the courtroom and the other in the gymnasium. He was a litigation attorney for 36 years and concurrently devoted 24 years as a basketball coach, primarily at the high school level. He is author of The Other Classroom: The Essential Importance of High School Athletics and Odds-On Basketball Coaching: Crafting High-Percentage Strategies for Game Situations.

He is the coauthor of a memoir entitled Play It Forward: From Gymboree to the Yoga Mat and Beyond, which was released in 2016. Michael recently finished writing a memoir for another client, slated for spring 2019 publication, has completed a comprehensive handbook for the beginner high school basketball head coach, earmarked as well for spring 2019 release. A description of both books is found in the book section of the website.

Michael is currently writing his first work of fiction and working on a memoir for another client.

Michael grew up in the Bronx, in its Mott Haven and Highbridge neighborhoods. He plays guitar, holds a black belt in karate and lives in Marin County, California. Michael has two adult sons, both teachers and high school basketball coaches.