Blog and Speech Writing

The blogs and speeches I have written over the years for others have qualities similar to the memoirs I have written. Fundamentally, I couch content in the voice of the client. I identify the combination of language, tone, cadence, and sensibility that will yield the most suitable expression. How does the client talk and express themselves? As with editing, it’s not how I might choose to say something; it’s how you would say it.

I also want to understand the targeted audience. The audience is principal in blog and speeches. It is almost all about them. I craft the text to reach them, with provocative trigger points: what will get their attention, incite something inside and have them wanting more? I want to achieve reader engagement with you on a personal level and leave them with useful and memorable content. 

I believe in pithy blogs and speeches that fit comfortably within audience attention span. I know how to express your point of view in an economy of words that maximizes audience focus.

Attention-grabbing headlines, especially for blogs, are critical. It is creativity at its finest to distill a meaningful blog or speech to a single stimulating caption. 

Above all, I am guided by what I call “efficient value.” Writing and rewriting most anything can go on for as long as time. Most writers can always find something to change. But when you are providing a service to others, a different standard, in my view, should apply. The writing stops when I have produced efficiently what the client wants, the product that meets client purpose and goals.

I enjoy writing blogs and speeches because of their connective power. If you need help with your blogs or an upcoming speech, let me know. I am ready to help.