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Prepping For Success
SKU: 978-1733668804

This book provides the building blocks and tools new and aspiring high school basketball coaches need to run their basketball programs successfully and become effective coaches with long-term impact. Easy to follow, it is succinct and comprehensive at the same time, an invaluable source for the young coach.

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The Other Classroom
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High school sports programs are not simply one-dimensional after-school recreational diversions from the rigors of academic life. In The Other Classroom: The Essential Importance of High School Athletics, Michael J. Coffino showcases how high school athletics have a positive influence on the student athletes beyond just the sports experience itself. He argues that the lessons learned, tools acquired, and values instilled have an enduring impact that prepare young athletes for the many challenges they will face in life. Coffino reveals how a well-considered, value-based athletic program effectively works alongside the standard educational curriculum to teach athletes a wide range of beneficial behaviors—including self-advocacy, goal-setting, leadership, conflict resolution, and more.
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Odds-On Basketball Coaching
SKU: 978-1538101971

In basketball, as in most sports, a large part of a coach’s responsibility is to prepare his or her team for games. Yet, little time in practice is typically devoted to readying the players and coaches for specific game situations. For instance, what are the various ways to use dead ball moments to maximum advantage? What adjustments should be made to launch a comeback in particular circumstances? When is it favorable to purposefully miss a foul shot?
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Play It Forward
SKU: 978-1572841901

Play It Forward details the remarkable journey of Joan Barnes, founder and former CEO of Gymboree, and how she learned to align her inner life with outward success.

Forty years ago, Joan Barnes founded a play center in a church basement with $3,000. Determined to enable women to achieve personal and entrepreneurial success, Barnes led Gymboree to become an innovative leader in a new industry: activity-based early childhood development. The company eventually became a global billion-dollar brand.
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My Life

My Life: A Story of Resilience and Love is a memoir that celebrates the self-expression that resides in each of us. It is an uncommon saga of unique depth that tracks eight transformative decades, beginning with birth circumstances that dare the imagination and became a personal marker for Tom Delebo, now 87. From childhood, Tom put his dreams into action with fearless individualism, expressing himself in one endeavor after another, a blueprint for how to live an engaged life. He would learn, too, that fueling his relentless drive was a profound quest for personal connection and love. It has been quite the ride.

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