Writing and Editing Services

Qualifications and Fees

I have been a full-time writer for three years. Before that, I practiced law for almost 40 years and in parallel coached high school and club basketball for 24 years. I published articles regularly as an attorney, taught legal writing and was a writing coach to young attorneys at an international law firm. As a basketball coach, I wrote and gave countless talks to schools, parents and players and wrote an assortment of short works as part of my role as coach and mentor.

As much as I enjoyed the practice of law and coaching, I had a burning desire to write professionally, and eventually retired from both. Since devoting myself full time to writing, I have written five books, three of which are published and the other two set for publication in 2019. I am also currently writing a work of fiction and working with a new client on a legacy work, hoping to publish both in 2019 as well.

In addition, I write original blogs and speeches for others and edit a wide range of work, including blogs, promotional and marketing statements, manuscripts, college application essays and articles and other short works.

The rates for my work vary depending on the specific project. Here are some parameters.

Memoir and Legacy Work.

I use a two-factor sliding scale for this type of writing: cash, usually in installments, and a percentage of revenue from the finished product. The more likely the work will sell well, the less cash I request, and vice-versa. The payment particulars depend on the scope and nature of the project. The main ingredient is the likely time required to complete the work.  Read more.


I adhere to a basic principle, what I call “efficient value.” Editing can be, if you choose, a bottomless pit of seriatim revisions. Refinement can be endless. I believe that as an editor my work ends when I efficiently produce what serves the purpose of the client.

Specific fees for editing work varies depending on the nature and scope of a project. Editing a manuscript will command a higher fee or hourly rate than editing a college application easy. At base, I use an hourly rate model for editing. The general range is between $125 and $175 an hour. I am, however, open to flat rates for specific projects.  Read more.

Blog and Speech Writing

For most blog projects and speeches, I prefer to use a flat free, the specifics of which turn on the nature and scope of the project. I am willing to use an hourly rate as well, which like for editing, falls into the range of $125 to $175 an hour.  Read more.