My rates depend on the specific project and what you and I anticipate will be entailed.

For example, how much original writing am I expected to do versus you? What will be the sources of the content? If you are providing written content, what is its condition? How much research, if any, will be necessary? How many interviews are likely? What is the ultimate goal?

The underlying driver is how much time will it likely take for me to deliver polished work product that meets your stated goals?

I take enormous pride in my work. The fees I charge reflect the quality I am committed to delivering.

I am open to various fee structures, e.g., flat, hourly, or based on word-length.

I require an initial payment to start and a schedule of future installments that aligns with projected project length and periodic delivery of work product.

The best way to figure out what works best is an initial discussion about your vision and goals and the various components of the project. From there, I work with you to identify the best fee structure. The overriding goal is mutual satisfaction.

Let's Work Together