“Michael’s incredible writing talent spans non-fiction, biographies and self-help. I hired him because I recognized how his choice words and perceptiveness kept me captivated in his storytelling. I couldn’t be more pleased with a writing partner.”

Rebecca Weeks Watson, producer


“Michael Coffino is unique in his ability to capture a voice and a style. He’s a storyteller and a wonderful collaborator. If you have been thinking about writing your memoir, you can find no better partner.”

Fauzia Burke, President and Founder of FSB Associates


“Michael demonstrates an extraordinary expertise interviewing and then collaborates to create outstanding prose. A MASTER!”

Thomas R. Delebo, co-author of My Life: A Story of Reslience and Love


“I was directly involved with Michael’s writing for several years. He is all at once: a craftsman, wordsmith, entertainer and teacher. Wherever your interests lie, Michael is a provocative storyteller, interspersing narratives with wit and wisdom.”

Jaime Santos, Attorney


“I have been fortunate to have Michael put his editing hand to my work. The amazing thing is that, no matter how extensively he edits what I have written, I can never tell what is changed. He has a keen knack for improving what I write in a way that honors precisely what I am trying to say.”

Nancy Pickard, Integrative Life Coach and Blogger


“Michael’s writing is consistently crisp, clear and informative.  What he writes is interesting and absorbing.  Readers do not need to strain to understand what he is trying to convey, including at its most nuanced.  When I think about people who positively influenced the way I write, Michael is one of the most important. He is quite simply a wonderful writer, editor, and teacher.”

Michael Charlson, Litigation Partner


“Michael Coffino has revised my artist bio, statements, and business letters. He did a great job. As a non-native speaker of English and a painter, I have had a hard time to express my thoughts and emotions in English. He is a smart, intelligent, and perceptive writer who better understands what I want to say even when I cannot find proper words to put into. I find it very easy to communicate with him and admire his innate expertise in writing,”

Athena Kim, artist


“I worked with Michael on a complicated international case. One writing experience that stuck with me deserves mention. We were both presented with an extremely long and wordy draft affidavit by foreign solicitors. It needed major reduction. As lead Counsel, Michael took it away, computer in hand, and returned in a mere 2 hours with a version some 30 pages shorter. The re-draft involved substantial changes that didn’t lose any of the material facts and nuances of the original. It took great clarity of thought, a deep understanding of the subject matter and special editing skills. His final product reflected some seriously excellent writing.”

Saheran Suhendran, Malaysian Barrister-at-Law of Gray’s Inn


“Michael Coffino is an outstanding interviewer. He is a patient, compassionate listener whose insights into the human psyche enable him to hear and feel what’s between the lines. His sharp skills and warm empathy put his interviewees at ease, leading to wonderfully candid and detailed communication, a magical combination of head and heart.”

Pamela McManus, transcriptionist, VisibleWords.com


“Michael is probably the best legal writer with whom I have had the honor to work. His legal briefs are never short of compelling. He understands that legal writing is essentially effective storytelling. He also gets that, more often than not, the simplest story wins.”

Timothy Tosta, Land Use and Environmental Attorney

Excerpted Reviews of Play It Forward: From Gymboree to the Yoga Mat and Beyond

“This beautifully-written book is an important contribution to the never-ending conversation about finding success that expresses our core selves . . . .”

“I quickly and totally fell into this compelling, inspirational memoir and didn’t come up for air again until the last sentence.”

“. . . a fascinating read.”

“I simply could not put this book down.”

“. . .  a moving tale.”

“. . . well-written and inspiring memoir . . .”

“. . . grabs hold of your attention, from chapter to chapter. . .”

“. . . seamless flow of events makes this book an enjoyable read that you won’t want to put down!”

“. . . love how easy it is to read.”

“. . . the writing is delicious!” 

“. . . this well-written book reads like a page turner with no telling what drama and life lessons are coming up for the author.”

“. . . a page turner. I could not put it down.”

“It has been a long time since I read a book front to cover in one weekend.”