“Those who tell the stories rule the world.”

Perhaps far reaching, but that Native American proverb captures the power of memoir to inspire, influence, teach, and entertain. We each have stories to tell. We each have a personal legacy to gift to others.

Do you have tales to leave behind in perpetuity? Do you have lessons to teach and pearls of wisdom to share? Do you want to understand your past better, come to terms with events that have cast long shadows over you, or plumb areas you left insufficiently examined? Do you want a chance to place past events in perspective and create a new account of what you once experienced? Do you want to discover your essential truth?

How do you envision your legacy?

As a memoir client, you deserve a writer you can trust and confide in, someone who won’t judge you, listens well, is at once candid and empathetic, provides keen attention to detail, and knows how and when to ask questions and, sometimes, when not to ask them.

Whatever the content of your memoir, it is essential to build a collaborative relationship that allows deep excavation of what you have to offer your target audience.

Memoirists (aka ghostwriters) are professional service providers. As a trial attorney, I had a motto, “Each client is the only client,” which applies with equal force to the client-ghostwriter relationship. My job is to give written expression to your story in your voice to accomplish your memoir goals. It is a fascinating journey, a reward of itself in many ways, building incrementally to an ultimate prize, a gift for the author and so many others.

If you are ready to tell your story, let’s discuss the possibilities.

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