Truth is in the House

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Before becoming a full-time author, ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach, I had two parallel careers. One was in the courtroom as a business litigation and trial attorney where I delighted in the art of legal writing and advocacy storytelling for clients. The other was in the gymnasium as a basketball coach, primarily at the high school level, coaching both girls and boys in public and private schools. I relished teaching the game and the enduring lessons inherent in value-based sports competition.

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Hush, Hush, Sweet Ghostwriter!

I have in the past written and spoken about what I believe are the keys to being an effective collaborative writer, aka a “ghostwriter.” They include crafting the client writing voice; building trust within the collaborative relationship; knowing how to ask, when to...

Book Promotion Interviews

Book promotion is relentlessly exhausting. It requires constant attention, patience, and tons of industry. The challenge is especially exacting if you embark on a campaign of radio interviews and podcasts. Whether they are worth the time and effort is open to debate,...

Memoir vs. Fiction

When it comes to personal legacy, it is said so often in so many ways it could easily become trite were it not so universally true: everyone has a story tell. Many of us want to leave our imprint and be remembered. We want to make a difference, however that is...

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