Ghostwriting blogs and speeches is similar in challenge to the art of memoir writing. They distill to finding client voice and creating content that achieves your stated goals. As with incisive editing, it’s not how I might choose to say something; it’s how you would say it.

Understanding the targeted audience is essential. Blog and speech writing are almost all about the audience. What is the most effective way to reach them with dynamic trigger points? What will get their attention, incite something inside, engage them on a personal level, and have them wanting more?

Blogs and speeches are unique in their immediate accessibility to the message and direct connective power. You want pithy blogs and speeches that fit comfortably within audience attention span, placing a premium on wrapping your message within an economy of words.

Attention-grabbing headlines, especially for blogs, are critical. It is the height of creativity to distill a meaningful blog or speech to a single stimulating caption.

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