Let’s Get It: Hustle and Grind Your Way to Self-Empowerment

“Many pearls of wisdom, expressed simply and with genuine passion that teach us how to find the power we all have inside to achieve our life goals.” 

Adrian Peterson

NFL Pro Bowl Running Back

This book is the natural outgrowth of a personal redirection that I, quite frankly, did not see coming. By all accounts and traditional measures, as a highly-regarded and successful New York City dermatologist, I’d made it to a cherished destination. I’d achieved personal, professional, and financial success that exceeded anything I ever envisioned, particularly in the context of my mother’s awe-inspiring struggles as an immigrant single parent and our humble beginnings. But, oddly, despite the glittery accoutrements, I began to feel something wasn’t right. I felt incomplete and adrift, when everything around me said I should feel the opposite.

Taking a deep look within to gain an understanding of what “success” at its core meant to me, I began to understand that success is more process than object, and that the journey itself is never-ending, of utmost importance, and constantly evolving. The risk is landing on a plateau and staying put, which is precisely where I was existing

The time had come for me to expand my impact, reach out beyond the life I’d built, and influence and connect with others in positive and enduring ways. I could see that, through the years, I’d laid a strong foundation that enabled me to help others chart their own paths to success. Why not attempt to touch as many people as possible? Fundamentally, I want others to know a simple truth: if I could accomplish what I did, they too could accomplish what they want.

In the end, the path to self-empowerment is something we each have to determine for ourselves. The journey that follows reflects what worked for me – it’s no more or less than one person’s application of the mindset this book explores. We can each achieve success in our own way and express the best of who we are. I hope you’ll see parts of yourself in this book and find ways to redraw or enhance your road map to personal contentment. Let’s get it

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