A growing group of independent publishers and virtually all hybrid publishers will consider unagented submissions. The process for finding the right publisher for your work is similar to landing a literary agent. It has two parts.

First is compiling a list of publishers who publish in the genre of your work, are a good fit for you, and are reputable. 

Second is preparing the requisite submissions. While each publisher has separate requirements, generally the following core materials can be customized as needed:

  1. query letter (initial sales pitch)
  2. book synopsis (provocative summary of the book)
  3. biographical summary (establishing author credibility for the work)

For fiction, most in this publisher group will want to see the entire manuscript and for non-fiction, manuscript excepts and, sometimes, a book proposal. They might also want a summary of your marketing plan.

I am happy to jump on the phone to explore the process with you as an initial step.

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