Odds-On Basketball Coaching

Odds-On Basketball Coaching
Crafting High-Percentage Strategies for Game Situations
Published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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In basketball, as in most sports, a large part of a coach’s responsibility is to prepare his or her team for games. Yet, little time in practice is typically devoted to readying the players and coaches for specific game situations. For instance, what are the various ways to use dead ball moments to maximum advantage? What adjustments should be made to launch a comeback in particular circumstances? When is it favorable to purposefully miss a foul shot? 

In Odds-On Basketball Coaching: Crafting High-Percentage Strategies for Game Situations, Michael J. Coffino presents an innovative system for coaches to prepare for specific game scenarios. Coffino challenges coaches to think differently about what they emphasize in practice, placing greater value on preparing for recurring game situations, crafting strategies by assessing the odds, and creating a culture that elevates how players think about the game. Each chapter begins with an actual game scenario that illustrates the chapter’s content and includes discussions of notable college and professional basketball games in order to demonstrate specific points. 

Odds-On Basketball Coaching provides a framework for making game decisions beyond instincts and habits. It is intended, more than anything, to stimulate coaches and players to think comprehensively and realistically about how to approach games and practices, fostering an environment where everyone can more incisively make game-time decisions. While high school and youth basketball coaches will find this book most helpful, coaches at all levels will benefit from this novel approach to the game.


"There are two books that I would recommend to every basketball coach in the world: John Wooden’s Practical Modern Basketball and Michael Coffino’s new book, Odds-On Basketball Coaching, which focuses on crafting high percentage strategies for game situations to increase your team’s success. Coffino’s book is loaded with knowledge on how to be a better coach. I wish he had published it while I was still coaching because it would have been a real asset." —Dale Brown, head men’s basketball coach, Louisiana State University (1972–1997) and member of the College Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame

"Coaches at every level can learn from Odds-On Basketball Coaching. It is as comprehensive and fresh an approach to game situations as you will find." —Jennifer Azzi, head coach, University of San Francisco (2010-2016), member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and former WNBA player

"Odds-On Basketball Coaching is chock-full of coaching goodies like none I've ever read, challenging coaches to think deeply and differently about game situations. I only wish my coaching staffs and I had the book all my previous coaching years. Especially with modern technology, it can be used effectively in a wide range of innovative ways." —Jeff Ruland, two-time NBA All-Star and assist leader, NBA Development League head coach and 13 year-Division I college coach (4 NCAA appearances)

"Odds-On Basketball Coaching is valuable for all coaches regardless of experience or coaching level. It challenges you to think and reflect on your entire approach to coaching while giving you new insight into the game of basketball." —Sara Lee, head women’s basketball coach, Dennison University

"Odds-On Basketball Coaching is a well thought out and comprehensive guide that would be helpful to young coaches. It allows the coach to think through each situation presented and consider which of several strategies should be employed. The added bonus is that you get to do this before the added pressure of the game. A good read and a great way to prepare for the upcoming season." —Bret Tovani, head men’s basketball coach, Dominican College (2005–2011) and head boys’ varsity basketball coach, San Rafael High School and the Branson School, 33 combined years

"Odds-On Basketball Coaching is a great read. Game management, situations and coaching philosophy is not talked about or practiced enough at the high school level. This book planted seeds that will make me a better coach next season and in years to come. Coach Coffino’s book is one I will reference many times in the future to prepare our team for any in-game situation that may arise." —Steve Campagno, head boys’ varsity basketball coach, Redwood High School (2008-present)

"ALL coaches, especially on the high school level, need to read this book. It is a comprehensive resource on most every conceivable situational play that a team may encounter. As significantly, this book serves as a tremendous reminder that we coaches need to carve out substantial practice time for preparing our players on precisely what our team WILL encounter during a given season." —Chris Lavdiotis, head boys’ varsity basketball coach, Piedmont High School (2001 to present)

"Michael’s attention to detail in all facets of the game is a must read for coaches at all levels. Odds-On Basketball Coaching is organized in a way to find ideas and solutions for any situation. A great tool and reference guide." —Mike Saia, head boys’ varsity basketball coach, Marin Catholic High School, and former NCAA basketball referee
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